Bournemouth JKA Karate Club is affiliated to the Japan Karate Association of England.

What do you need to do when you join our karate club?

When you join our club you will need to pay in advance - monthly payment required. If you join us in the middle of the month you will need to pay in advance for the remaining weeks.

Furthermore, you will need to buy a white karategi - karate uniform- which you need to wear at every training.
Also, everyone who joins our karate club needs to apply a Japan Karate Association membership which costs £30 per year. Your membership covers the cost of your license and insurance. It also entitles you to progress through a grading system and to attend any JKAE regional or national training session appropriate to your grade where you can practise karate under high level instructors from the UK and dother countries including Japan. Your JKA membership also allows you to take part in regional or national karate competitions.  Some of these events may incur an additional cost. After you purchase the JKA membership you will receive a karate passport. 


The Club is run by qualified instructors:

Mark Wozniak (Chief Instructor, 2nd Dan Black Belt JKA) and his wife Ella Wozniak (Instructor 1st Dan Black Belt JKA). Their son Miron Wozniak (Assistant 1st Dan Black Belt JKA) helps them in all the trainings.

The Bournemouth JKA club instructors belong to Wareham Shotokan Karate Club where they train regularly under Sensei Glyn Morgan (5th Dan Black Belt JKA).

They also regularly take part in karate competitions and many regional, national and international JKA karate courses under highest level JKA instructors.

Both Club's instructors have: JKA Coaching licences, Liability insurance, Enhanced DBS checks, Child Protection in Sport and Physical Activity Certificates, First Aid qualifications and Covid-Aware Martial Arts Certificate.